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Newport City Radio Article Written By Chae Mlewa

I was invited to the Pill Women's consultation by Community Champion Lynette Webbe. This was to be an interactive workshop to engage with women from the areas of Pill, Maindee and Stow Hill.

Attending were a selection of women from all walks of life; Community Activitist's, working women, housewives, mothers, grandmothers, students, long time residents and new arrivals.

But what was the reason for this gathering? Well the Welsh Assembly has decided to allocate funds through Communities First to be spent on women's health and well being, and this group was to help choose which activities the money should go towards.

Communities First is an organisation that supplies services for their communities, with the aim to support the most disadvantaged people in certain areas.

In true Lynette fashion, the event started off with a bang! First, the question was asked what connected Tommy Cooper and three blown up balloons? With Lynette popping the balloons and catching everyone off-guard, she linked it to health.

With this, how much like the bursting of the balloons, our health can change. The connection with Tommy Cooper was illustrated with his sudden onstage death and how very few people foresaw it.

tommy cooper

Lynette described how the stresses of life, such as children and work, mean that personal health and wellbeing can be neglected. However, she explained that you need to respect yourself before you can make progress.

She cited her own experiences that led her to depression and dependency which then became a drive to change her life for the better and then helping other women.

The five key ideas Lynette pressed to the group centred on how to become ‘important to yourself’ - this would be achieved by connecting with others, to keep learning, taking notice of your environment, to be active and to give to those around you. This looks to be the beginning of a series of engagements for Cobwebbe Shaker Feel Good Maker!

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