Cobwebbe Shaker,
Feel good Maker
Improve the quality of
your life.


Happy Hormone Maker
sessions are really flexible
and brilliant for getting fit of all abilities. Sessions can take place at:

* Community venues *

* Residential homes *

* Leisure centres *



Workshops and classes.
Happy Hormones make happy people!

My classes include:

* Extend exercise music &
movement for older persons *

* Chair-based exercise to music *

* Laughter on prescription *

* Baggie t-shirt exercise class *

* Women-only classes *

* Mindfulness relaxation &
breathing *

*Childlike fun and games*



early batty


The character Early BattyMy fun character Early features in older
people’s sessions, for those with dementia & Alzheimers. Sessions include:

* Singing for the brain *

* Music for the mind *

* Circle dancing and memory triggers *

* Music is communication beyond words *



Lynette Webbe

Holistic Excercise


Workshop Leader

Telephone :

07737 833 884



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Diverse Communities

Receiving Laughter Yoga Certificate

with Debbie liinton receiving laughter yoga certificate


Meeting Christian Malcolm

meeting christian malcolm

With Olympic Torch

olympic torch


cape hll market

Cape Hill Market

cape hll market


Black Achiever at Sandwell Library
black achiever at sandwell library black achiever at sandwell library


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