The Happy Hormone Maker Lynette ‘Letty’

lynette webbe

I compliment the medicine your
Doctor provides!


Therapeutic activities can:

* Help your mental health and well-being needs

* Motivate and increase
your self-esteem


Workshops and classes

Happy Hormones make happy people!

My classes include:

* Extend exercise music & movement for older persons

* Chair-based exercise to music *

* Laughter on prescription

* Baggie t-shirt exercise class

baggy t-shirt

* Mindfulness relaxation & breathing

*Childlike fun and games


all about me

Lynette's Life Experience

Lynette Webbe, from Smethwick in the West Midlands, struggled throughout her school life with reading and writing, often finding it difficult to concentrate in the classroom. She left secondary school with no qualifications and started her working career at just 15 years of age.......

Even though I was born here, my family have had to learn about me again.
Now I’m a woman with a backbone not a wishbone. I can encourage women – but it is hard. Here I am now with an underactive thyroid, cardiovascular disease, my third pacemaker and alopecia. At Pill Carnival last year I went without a hat – I just had a tag on me saying ‘raising awareness for alopecia’.

When I was young we lived in Pill. That was in 1955. My mother was married and my father came over from the West Indies and they lived in rooms in Tiger Bay. I know I was conceived in love, in the throes of passion, as they say. I know that I was a home birth – so I was born in Pill, in Mill Parade. But I remember growing up in Somerton and that was the happiest time. It was in Maple Avenue. It’s gone now, they’ve knocked it all down.

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articles about lynette webbe

Great grandmother Lynette uses the help of a Credit Union to launch giggle therapy workshops

A great grandmother has set up a ‘feelgood’ company offering laughter therapy to women and the elderly, with the help of a loan from Newport Credit Union.

Lynette Webbe, from Pill, runs The Cobweb Shaker, a business that delivers workshops that she says have helped her deal with her own health problems through humour and exercise. The 59-year-old turned to Newport Credit Union on High Street in the town centre when she was made redundant from her job as a support worker.

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Pill community champion asks: What do women want?

ONE of Newport’s newest community champions is on a mission to find out what women want.

Lynette Webbe, of Linton Street, Pill is the Communities First health champion for women and old people and through a series of public consultations, she hopes to better identify the needs of Newport’s women.

Communities First is given Welsh government funding to supply services for their communities, aiming to support the most disadvantaged people in certain areas.

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lynette webbe holistic excercise workshop leader

Newport City Radio Article Written By Chae Mlewa

I was invited to the Pill Women's consultation by Community Champion Lynette Webbe. This was to be an interactive workshop to engage with women from the areas of Pill, Maindee and Stow Hill.

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