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What do we do?

We get you happy and healthy through exercise.No pills, no prescriptions!

I am a professional exercise provider suited to your needs.

Training and workshops available around health and well being for people of all ages and abilities.



Lynette Webbe

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What is Cobwebbe Shaking?
My name is Lynette Webbe and it is my take on a good exercise. It is a positive fun way of shaking the Cobwebs from our minds and our bodies.

Making a difference
I would like to help you improve the quality of your life and also mine. Gentle exercise each week is a great way of boosting your physical and mental health.
So join me at one of my classes!
To find out more, invite me along to your centre or get in contact for more

cobwebbe shaker

Laughter yoga combines laughter exercises with yogic breathing, leading to real and contagious laughter.  A great way to de-stress, have fun and re-energise. 

As a wellness coach and certified laughter yoga leader, I run sessions which include breath and body awareness and free-flow laughter. I use a variety of exercises using music, movement, dance, singing and percussion instruments to help you unwind and connect to your inner child to feel good about yourself. 

Laughter yoga may help:

Improve your brain function
Reduce pain
Reduce stress
Alleviate depression
Lower your blood pressure
Boost your immune system
It can change your mood within minutes

My own ill health and subsequent healing have motivated me to learn more about natural therapies, holistic approaches to healthcare.  This led to my training as a laughter yoga leader, combining my compassion and empathy for others with my drive to promote positive mental health through laughter and joy.

Using your own energy combined with cobwebbe shaking, feel good making laughter!


It’s all about connecting to your inner child to feel good about yourself, heal the mind and transform the body.


Let me be the breath of fresh air in your day.